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Relocatable homes are prefab homes and aren’t built traditionally onsite: they’re manufactured in a controlled factory, with up to 80% - 85% of the construction work completed in the factory by the manufacturer before they’re transported in modules or sections to building site. Relocatable homes are constructed from galvanised steel, treated timber, plasterboard and weatherboard and other building materials that will withstand conditions of transportation.

You may have heard the terms transportable homes, modular homes, removable homes or prefabricated homes being used to describe different types of constructions. All these homes have one important feature in common – these homes are all constructed in a factory offsite and then delivered to building site where they are installed and completed.

Relocatable Homes Advantages

Relocatable homes have many various advantages over site-built conventional homes. The prefab construction process is very different to that of a traditional home, which means it’s often faster and more cost effective for customers to choose a prefab home — particularly if homeowner is living in a regional or rural location where such factors like labour shortages can exist.

Westbuilt Homes has identified the following three most significant theses as the prevailing reason why most of clients choose to build a prefab modular home rather than a onsite built home.

Construction Time

Relocatable homes construction time is one of the main and valuable benefits of building off-site and modular.

The key factors are:

  • 80% - 85% of the building and interior work is completed inside a prefab factory meaning that compared to an onsite built home, there are no weather delays.
  • The relocatable homes are constructed and assembled by the skilled workers and engineers who work all year round in the prefab factory, so they’re not a subject to frequent delays of building process that often happen with contractors who work onsite and labour who may change and prioritise another construction job over current at a moments notice.
  • Minimal possible disruption to building site with a short time (usually 1 - 1.5 month) between delivery of prefab relocatable home onsite and the handover.


One of the more important and surprising benefits of relocatable homes is the improved construction quality. Relocatable homes are sometimes subject to even stricter engineering controls and regulations than traditional homes, despite popular misconceptions.

The main reasons for relocatable homes quality control are:

  • Relocatable homes need to be strong enough to withstand loading and transportation to remote site.
  • The prefab home is inspected at multiple building stages during the fabrication process. It is a more accurate and thorough process than homeowners can have with a single inspection in the site at the end of the build.
  • Modular relocatable homes are built to reliably withstand strong wind loads due to the transportation process to building site, as well as the elements that their region is subject to: mountain, ocean coast or desert.
  • Because relocatable homes are built in factories, their structures are arguably better built than traditional onsite homes: builders can ensure that ceilings, walls and floors are aligned and square. Also manufacturers are able to use custom building tools that aren’t available on a remote building site.


Another benefit of building a prefab home is the price is more controlled. This does not necessarily mean that a relocatable home will be much cheaper – in fact it is a popular misconception that a prefab home is cheaper to build than a site built traditional home. In many cases this can not be true. Relocatable modular homes will offer very good value for money and a construction process in controlled conditions leading to less sudden surprises and cost blow-outs.

Banks can lend to prefab home builders, despite popular misconception. Relocatable homes are a permanent fixture that are designed and built to the same building codes as traditional conventional constructions, and subject to the same insurance premiums and taxes.

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