Blok Modular

Blok Modular is a prefab modular homes construction company an has reimagined modern housing concept as a set of ideally perfect Bloks-modules arranged into an architectural triumph of texture, light and form to meet any building site condition, budget or brief.

Blok Modular's architecture practice, prefab modular factory + professional on-site construction workers execute a project together to achieve perfectly beautiful simplicity and functionality in both delivery and home design.

This means a perfect seamless building experience on every stage from start of design to finish on building site, delivered more than 60% faster than built completely on-site traditional buildings, on budget and on time, guaranteed.

From first Blok Modular's meeting to full completion of client's project, Blok Modular will coordinate and inspect all necessary approvals and consultants. Blok Modular's team of experts and professionals across Australia will completely ensure that customer's project achieves and exceeds its full potential, so client can enjoy the unique home design experience in comfort and knowledge that all the technical details and engineering aspects are covered.

Modules for Blok Modular homes are Australian-made using only high quality Australian-certified materials and fixtures. All appliances, sanitaryware and tapware are carefully selected by Blok Modular architects offer a 5-year minimum warranty and to meet all strict architectural design criteria.

Modules for Blok Modular homes are fabricated, assembled and installed by professional fully-licenced builders and experts and offer for homeowners a 6.5 year warranty.

Structural frames for Blok Modular homes are fully-welded, made of Australian steel and all details are computer-cut ensuring completely precision sizing. Blok modular houses engineered to withstand all the rigours of Australian long distance road transportation, and have stronger design and a longer life span than steel constructions for traditional homes or timber-framed houses.

Sustainability + Technology

  • The latest innovative developments in the off-the-grid technology can include battery storage, solar collectors, rain water collection and waste treatment.
  • Cyclone-proof, bushfire-proof and Maintenance-free options available
  • Smartphone-controlled prefab modular home - automation package can include lighting, security and audio allow homeowners to integrate additional extra devices and features into the home system during design and building or later at any time.
  • Energy consultants with national accreditation ensure that client's project performs to its best potential in any possible climate. (Energy rate is 6-Star or better).
  • Triple and double glazing options, low-VOC finishes, and optimised passive cooling and heating.
  • Blok Modular's centralised prefab facility promotes energy and waste minimisation and optimization, and surplus building material is recycled.

Address 451 Sherwood Rd, Sherwood, QLD 4106, Australia
Phone +61 7 3108 0642

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