Australian Modular Homes

Steel frame prefab homes from Australian Modular Homes are delivered complete or can be assembled and constructed onsite. Customers just connect the water, plug in the power, and move furniture into modular home. Australian Modular Homes Slab Pak Wall Technology solutions are ideal for a resort cabins, second dwellings or site offices.

The InsulLiving home is the next version home in the zero energy housing by Bondor. The InsulLiving building system has revolutionary approach to the building industry providing constructions that are built greener, smarter and quicker.

•Simplify Construction and Design
•Reduce Materials and Trades
•Improve Savings and Energy Efficiency
•Build 34% faster

Australian Modular Homes provides:

Zero energy prefab housing which is recyclable, sustainable, and healthier.
Faster build times, so you can pay less interest or rent, and move in earlier.
Match your new prefab home in with an existing structure, through perfect colour matching.
Everything in your new home is fully customised, from the colour scheme, to the design of your new modular dwelling.
From start at building site to interior finish, Australian Modular Homes makes sure all the little details are looked after, so customers don’t have to worry.

Steel frame prefab homes

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Address 4 Paxton St Springwood Brisbane QLD 4127
Phone 1300 499 410



Australian Modular Homes’ economical and friendly buildings are designed to benefit both you the customer, and  the environment.

Our sustainable design processes ensure that the environmental impact is kept to a minimum,  and to ensure energy efficiency is maximised.

From the initial meeting, then during our design development stage, we ensure that all aspects ranging from material selection right up to construction are sustainable.

Energy Efficient

All new dwellings in Australia must have a minimum 6-star energy rating; most homes built before energy ratings were introduced
in 2003 are 2 stars or less.

The Australian Modular Homes system, combined with clever and custom design, allows us to go beyond the minimum 6-star rating
and achieve 8-star and more.

8 star + energy ratings.

Studies have shown that for each 1 star improvement in energy star rating,  a 3% increase in selling price can be achieved.

Acoustic benefits of the insulated panels dampen outside noise, further enhancing their energy efficient experience.

Our Australian Modular Homes customers will confidently have peace of mind, knowing that the life of their long term investment will not be shortened
due to structural damage caused by termite infestation.

You can trust Australian Modular Homes.

Less Maintenance

Our modular homes will not only save you time and money during the design and construction process, but also after the project becomes a home.

With the use of Insulliving panels, there is no painting or ongoing maintenance required.

With a higher energy rating, the cost of heating and cooling is considerably less.

Modular homes cost significantly less to maintain generally because of the superior and simple construction method.

You or your tenants can sit back and relax, knowing that there is just simply, less to do.


At Australian Modular Homes, we manage the process for the minute you pick up the phone, to the second your walk in the front door.  It is all done for you. There are no budget or timing blowouts, no long or confusing conversations with council, no problems with contractors that you have to sort out.  Just work with our design team to work out the best possible layout, and then let us get to work.
Safety, Quality & Construction

Here at Australian Modular Homes we are committed to providing an environment that protects the health, safety and welfare of all persons involved both during the construction process and after whilst enjoying the finished product. To achieve a healthy, accident free working and living environment, the devotion and collaboration of every stakeholder is paramount.

Australian Modular Homes provides high quality modular homes and an unparalleled service for our clients, which is strongly reinforced and ensured by the implementation of quality assurance procedures for everything undertaken by our co

• Compliant with Building Codes in Australia
• Compliant with all council regulations and certification
• Compliant with all relative statutory and legislative requirements, codes of practice and industry standards.
• 6-8 Star Energy Efficiency Rating
• Fully insulated roofs, external walls, floors; fire rated; water efficient rated (Wells 4-Star); cyclone rated with aluminium or double glazed external walls


InsulWall® by Bondor

Australian Modular Homes is proud to offer the InsulLiving and InsulWall® system by Bondor. This is a complete walling system combining insulation within a structural panel that locks together ensuring a consistent, continuous insulation wrap around the entire building. Australian Modular Homes can satisfy all types of designs and floor plans using this sytem in turn creating a personalized design and experience for our consumers.

InsulWall® is encased in an innovative and new BlueScope steel lining developed exclusively for strength and the purpose of adhering render and paint systems to provide a seamless and traditional finish to suit internal and external environments.

InsulWall® is purpose designed for the Australian housing market offering a cost effective product that significantly reduces build time and improves home energy effieciency above and beyond today’s current requirements.

InsulWall®’s all-in-one product design provides an insulated walling system that:

•  Is structural and load bearing.
•  Contains a high performing lightweight insulated core.
•  Includes external and internal lining exclusively developed by BlueScope steel for strength and for application of render and paint systems.
•  Allows designers and architects continued creation of flexible home designs that are still easily engineered.


Australian Modular Homes design and construction process has been perfected through the development of new homes, granny flats, renovations, and modular buildings.

Our ability to offer a fully customised experience, promoting a sense of freedom with your design requirements, also results in reduced costs, sustainable and energy efficient dwellings, all constructed and ready for handover in a record build time.


From start to finish, we make sure all the little things are looked after, so you don’t have to worry


Everything is fully customised, from the design of your new dwelling, to the colour scheme internally


Match your new structure in with an existing, through colour matching


It all comes down to your choice – we work within your budget to give you the best possible result


Faster build times, so you can move in earlier, and pay less rent or interest


Simple components, Lightweight for easier building, and way less maintenance


Our technology is proven, there is no framing, and your design can be completely flexible


Zero energy housing which is healthier, sustainable, and recyclable.


Get a greater yield on your investment property faster.


When you start a project with Australian Modular Homes, you are starting with a team of experts on your side. We understand the industry, and know how to manage red tape for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Our process has been developed over time to ensure our customers walk into their new home, completely happy and satisfied.


Together with the clients, we evaluate their individual needs and wants


We discuss the project, and offer the optimal solution for their own unique requirements


Our Building Designers create the drawings and elevations for presentation to the client


Our team finalises the inclusions for the project, and ensures the contract is accurate


We prepare the paperwork for any council approvals, and manage any dialogue directly with them


Construction commences!


Each stage is completed in accordance with the time line


We hand over the keys to the happy clients!