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Most modular prefab builders and designers are focused on getting clients through the all building processes as quickly as possible. Prominda Homes has a different building philosophy. Prominda Homes wants to work with homeowners to ensure the design of new modular home is perfect for their clients. Perfect for exactly that customer's site, that it harvests all client's aspects, activities and views, that it suits client's lifestyle and individual needs and that design works as a sustainable solar passive building.

Every Prominda home is individual and unique. Architecturally trained professional designer and architect will work with clients to ensure new modular house fits them, and is perfectly tailored to get all the best from building site, and incorporates the best qualities in solar passive and sustainable design.

Factory built prefab homes allow more reliable and predictable build times. Such common factors like weather disruptions can not be a factor causing any lost day. If Prominda Homes team are falling behind schedule, they have the ability and time to catch up to planning schedule - in factory they just turn the lights on and after this keep working! Night and morning and weekend curfews to appease the locals or neighbours are just not exist as an issue.

The prefab factory gives a controlled environment more productive and conducive to construction quality. Some builders may whip clients up an outdoor BBQ on a sloping table often attended by flies, but homeowners are more lively to get a best gourmet experience and practical contact when the chef is working on a convenient stainless steel bench located inside a modern uncluttered kitchen.

Prominda Homes' experienced and professional customer liaison officer can guide client through the all selection processes, helping homeowners to get all details, fittings and finishes to client's budget and taste.

Energy efficient design

Prominda Homes modular technology employ best energy efficient design and construction principles to minimise the additional need for auxiliary home heating and cooling. Prominda homes uses techniques such as classic passive solar design, North-South strategic orientation and modern energy efficient features to maximise homeowners comfort and reduce modular home's running costs. Prominda homes are custom designed modular homes to suit any individual site and homeowner's requirements, so Prominda homes can guarantee that homeowner's journey from preliminary concept to construction on-site will best suit any lifestyle and any budget.

Passive technology solar home design is a particularly important sustainable design feature and means the use of the sun’s electromagnetic energy for home heating and home cooling of living spaces by different exposure to the direct rays of sun. During the day, when sunlight strikes a Prominda homes modular home, the building materials can absorb, transmit, or reflect the solar radiation. In addition to visible light, the heat energy produced by the sun causes hot and cold air movement that can be calculated and predicted in designed interior spaces. These basic design responses to solar heat energy lead to design elements, building material choices and relative placements that can provide desired cooling and heating effects in a Prominda homes modular home. Unlike active solar home heating systems, passive solar home systems are relatively simple, durable and do not involve substantial use of additional electrical and mechanical devices, such as fans, pumps, or electrical controls to adapt the solar energy.

Eco-friendly materials

Building a new modular home using environmentally sustainable building materials is not only beneficial for environment and our planet but also for homeowners and their family. Not only do designers select materials that have minimal possible environmental impact, designers also consider how the building materials will affect the interior and indoor spaces of a new modular home. Features such as the use of acoustically insulating interior materials where requested, quality low VOC paints, and efficient use of natural ventilation and sunlight, create beautiful indoor spaces that are better for homeowners comfort and health.

Prominda Homes also utilises a concrete-free modern footing systems that not only has minimal possible impact on building site but also eliminates the need for construction with concrete, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of modular home build.

Prominda Homes also use steel frames in all modular homes construction, an endlessly recyclable building material which does not require cultivation and harvesting from timber plantations.

Off-site modular homes construction

Prominda modules are constructed in prefab factory in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia and delivered to building site ready to be installed.

While in the manufacturing factory, Prominda homes recycles as many building materials as possible - from the metal in modular steel frames to all paper and all cardboard home appliances are delivered in. All recycling process is done through local Australian companies.

Once on site, Prominda specialist home-install crews are able to complete the modular installation and join up of homeowner's modules in the shortest time possible in this hemispere. Depending on the number of units/modules the join up may be completed in as little as seven days.

This results in minimal environmental building site impact without usual construction activity as there are only a small number of specialist crews visiting the building site in the shortest time frame with minimal construction waste generated.

Prominda Homes also uses Surefoot footing system which is a completely concrete free alternative to the traditional concrete slab. Surefoot footing system requires minimal building site excavation and related work to be done and can be installed on most sites in NSW and Australia, including sites that are steep and hard to reach. Installation process of Surefoot footing system is generally achieved in 2-3 days on site, with a minimal number of workers/installers, again meaning the negative environmental impact on building site is minimal.

Address Wagga Wagga NSW 2650, Australia
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