BRB Modular

In 2010 the company was acquired by Fleetwood

BRB Modular building company is proudly 100% Australian operated and owned. The quality of service and prefab buildings BRB Modular offers to customers is unrivalled in the industry, something which only comes from solid experience and a strong desire to improve what and how the company does.

  • BRB Modular team of professionals include:
  • Plumbers, Carpenters, Painters, Welders, Plasterers, Electricians, Trade Assistants;
  • Estimating & Drafting Professionals;
  • Qualified and Fully Licensed Truck Drivers and Machinery Operators;
  • Support Professionals & Administrators;
  • Construction Engineers;
  • Project Managers;
  • Logistics Co-ordinators;
  • Account Clerks and Accounting Professionals;
  • Managers.

Factory built modular buildings

Addresses and phones


Melbourne, VIC

Address Level 6, 120 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, Victoria 3008
Phone 03-8600-1800
Address 9-15 Strezlecki Avenue, Sunshine, Victoria 3020
Phone 03-9334-1700

Bendigo, VIC

Address 15 – 35 Fairview Road, Kangaroo Flat, 3555
Phone 03-5447-5000

Brisbane, QLD

Address 41 – 55 Platinum Street, Crestmead, 4132
Phone 07-3489-5000


Lynden and Joy McNamara commenced their business in 1977 in Bendigo, Victoria.
Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength thanks to the family ownership which ensures personal commitment and accountability to every project.

Because it is their family company, Lynden and Joy provide a hands-on service with the kind of customer back-up you can’t always get from an impersonal corporate agency. Managing Director Lynden and Joy have been joined in the family business by their three sons. It is part of the family’s business philosophy to encourage youngsters into the building trade. Since 1977, Lynden and Joy are proud to have trained many apprentices with quite a few winning major apprenticeship awards. The company now employs over 100 people in their Bendigo and Brisbane factories.
The company has won several regional Master Builders Awards and is a member of the Housing Industry Association in Victoria and Queensland. Lynden, Joy and their team provide a reputable, reliable service to a diverse range of clients, large and small, in the corporate and public sectors.

• BRB Builds everything at our factories
• BRB delivers and install on time, every time
• BRB provides 24-hour customer support
• BRB uses qualified architects
• BRB offers a rental option

Three Good Reasons to Consider BRB Modular Relocatables

Relocatable buildings are a modern way of getting the premises you want without all the hassle, noise, disruption and delays associated with the traditional construction site and
sub-contractors. Our Relocatabales are:

1. Cheaper than building on site
2. Quicker to complete
3. Not built by sub-contractors

At BRB, we employ our own skilled, accredited carpenters, plasterers, painters, welders, electricians, plumbers and
truck drivers.

There are never any delays because of bad weather. Everything is constructed under cover at our two large, modern factories in Bendigo and Brisbane.
Bendigo Relocatable Buildings Pty Ltd are committed to providing all of our clients with a quality product, manufactured to the highest of standards. We are a dedicated and professional team who strive to offer our clients a friendly, reliable and honest service at all times. BRB are builders who take pride in caring for our clients.

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