Kit Homes Tasmania

Looking for a modular home or a kit home company in Tasmania that works with customers to create their dream home? Thia page is about Kit Homes Tasmania, the company that works with clients to first select a floor plan that suits both building location and customer's budget. Kit Homes Tasmania's team then works through their 10 step plan and determines how much time or how little a client wants to be involved in the design and building process of their modular home or kit home. Kit Homes Tasmania's steel kit homes and buildings can be supplied to a customer as just separate details, materials and components or completely installed on a client's land. Kit Homes Tasmania offers industry leading construction quality on all their modular homes and prefab homes and structures Tasmania wide.

Kit Homes Tasmania's team strives to make every prefab home unique and individual even though many of their homes and buidings start out from the same floor plan. Because Kit Homes Tasmania prefabricates most of their buildings a client gets the saving associated with building the homes in a prefab factory environment where weather is not a reduced factor of a construction time. Every design and build step and be customised and discussed, from the exterior walls cladding type to the rooms interior fittings and engineering fixtures. Want wood panelling or Colourbond? Want grey or green? Want wood flooring or carpet? Kit Homes Tasmania can customize any detail to suit client's budget and taste. Kit Homes Tasmania also offers an in-house design experts that can include any structural design changes customers would like, the company can even make client's own individual home design and floor plans come to life!

Address 179 Ravenswood Rd, Launceston, TAS 7250, Australia
Phone (03) 6118 4721

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