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Swanbuild Homes team believes that part of their role as prefab modular home designers and builders is to ensure client's experience of buying a new modular prefab home is an rewarding and exciting process in every stage from start of design to finish of building. After all, new prefab modular home is so much more than just a some financial investment. New home is a place to fulfil lifestyle goals, unwind and relax.

Swanbuild Homes is a family business with a team committed to friendly personalised service, integrity and excellence from start concept to project completion, from Swanbuild Homes family to customer's family.

Swanbuild Homes combines more than 30 years’ experience in the prefab construction and modular design of quality custom modular homes with environmental efficiency, flexibility, unmatched timeframes and 21st century innovation to outperform other prefab modular home designers and builders. Swanbuild Homes has rapid quality-controlled prefab construction and this guarantees move-in date mean clients will be living the dream home before they know it.

Building innovation is one of the most important part of being a modern and successful modular prefab home designer and builder and it’s the main driver behind Swanbuild Homes constantly improving and expanding range of modular home models. With custom building options, modern cladding fa├žades and steep roof pitch designs, no two Swanbuild homes can ever be the same. In addition, because Swanbuild prefab homes are designed and constructed utilising Swanbuild unique construction transportable methods, the homes are made to move with homeowners if they wish.

Swanbuild's extensive range of modular prefab home models offers starting point and inspiration to create customer's dream home design. By listening to client's lifestyle choices, needs and wants, Swanbuild Homes adjust or alter the architectural plan and design inclusions or details to suit. In addition, clients may provide their own floor plans if they wish. No design challenge is too great and no building request too difficult for professional Swanbuild’s modular prefab home builders. Customers ask and Swanbuild delivers.

Swanbuild Homes unique design created to maximise the available home floor area. Kitchen and living areas can be integrated and have open and pleasant lounge spaces with large windows; high raked ceilings; ample storage; modern beautiful bathrooms with separated to bath shower recess; plenty of modern kitchen bench area; large bedroom spaces with built-in robes are just a few of the popular standard home inclusions Swanbuild Homes offer.

The site and new prefab modular home.

Design process starts with determination the overall size of new building site, the new home building area, the existing floor plan and specs, including the size of the each room within the new home. Components, such as internal walls and other, can be moved around floor space to suit the specific view and appropriate landform (Swanbuild modular prefab home builders and designers will ensure any building constraints are adhered to for building structural integrity purposes). Use of glass doors and windows, and home orientation can also be readily changed by designers to suit local geographic and climatic conditions and constrains for optimal internal year-round comfort and enhanced energy efficiency.


You can think about how you dream to live day-to-day in the new modular home and how you would like the home to "feel". Someone prefers an open-plan floor style, someone can choose a more segmented floor layout with clearly separated and defined living rooms and zones. Also you can consider your most preferred layout for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and ensuite. The outdoor areas are also important, and it is most cost effective and suitable time to add porticos, verandahs and pergolas.


Home designs and floor plans begin with a creative inspiration and after the details can be altered to better suit client's needs, the same attitude works with the included fittings and fixtures. These include surfaces, floors, PC items, white and colours goods, and other details.

One of the most prominent and outstanding design features of a Swanbuild modular prefab home is the tested, tried and efficient transportable prefab construction method Swanbuild uses to build new modular home. This feature is something that is perhaps not always immediately obvious for all but this construction method is a very important advantage and benefit of selecting among other builders the Swanbuild Homes.

The first 3-4 months of building process takes place in the purpose-built prefab factory. New modular home is then transported in modules/sections to building site for Swanbuild building teams to entirely complete all the building works with the new prefab home to exact client's specs.

The advantage to customers in this modular approach is that home production continues regardless of any harsh weather conditions or any other possible factors that can slow down construction process using onsite traditional building technologies and methods. The innovative prefab process sets Swanbuild apart from other prefab modular home designers and builders and allows Swanbuild to maintain much higher quality product control, much faster manufacturing turnaround times and tighter standards for project management.

The end result is a low maintenance, quality, comfortable and environmentally friendly modular home, constructed and designed from only the finest and superior building materials and fixtures available today in the industry. Furthermore, new modular prefab home will be completely ready to move into exactly on the date it was initially agreed. Isn’t that a better change from the usual norm?

When it comes to method of construction, Swanbuild tried-and-tested building system ensures new prefab modular home is completed with minimal disruption to building site, efficiently and quickly. Compared with usual traditional and onsite building technology, the benefits clients enjoy by choosing Swanbuild prefab modular home builders are completely clear. A much faster turnaround time indicates homeowners can move in to their new prefab home much sooner saving them a potential money in interim accommodation costs.

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