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Hi-Tech Homes have been producing high-quality prefab modular homes, granny flats, cabins, industrial and commercial modular buildings for over 30 years. Hi-Tech Homes is also proud to announce that they have passed the milestone of 1,200 prefab buildings designed, constructed, delivered and installed on-site (as at January 2018).

As with any building company that stands the obligatory test of time, Hi-Tech Homes has had tough times and good times, but has always remained committed to designing and building quality modular homes.

Hi-Tech Homes continuing commitment in building industry to employ only Australian residents and use only Australian construction materials wherever possible is, company's owner believes, one of the reasons Hi-Tech Homes builds the best modular homes in Australia. With an ongoing traineeship and apprenticeship programme, Hi-Tech Homes is continually giving back to the community.

The future of the residential and commercial building is modular prefab factory-built homes.

Hi-Tech Homes can work 24/7 - no delays.

Greater construction quality control – each modular home is continually assessed every day during building and assembling.

Affordability for modular homes - through greater labour control and cost control.

Hi-Tech Homes has led the way in the building industry for over 30 years and the company will continue to do so.

Hi-Tech Homes welcomes clients to visit their factory to see first hand a perfect combination of traditional quality home building methods and approaches integrated with the best and latest "Hi Tech" techniques and concepts.

Hi-Tech Homes Process

Hi-Tech Homes specialises in prefab modular homes, whether it's a granny flat, large country style home, dual occupancy home, site office, cabin or something different altogether!

New prefab modular home is manufactured off-site, in controlled environment, inside Hi-Tech Homes 4500-square-metre prefab factory, which means clients don't ever have to worry about any weather delays. Once prefab construction is complete, new modular home is installed on homeowner's land. Hi-Tech Homes provide's a complete start-to-finish building project, including building site inspection, local Council submission and Hi-Tech Homes electrical and plumbing contractors can quote customers for on-site connection of all services.

Hi-Tech Homes clients are sent progress photos and update information each week. This ensures customers are informed of their modular homes progress throughout local Council, the off-site construction and on-site installation process.

Moreover, Hi-Tech Homes encourages their clients to visit the prefab homes factory during the off-site construction phase of their new modular home and watch the construction progress from every component part to a completely finished home.

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Hi-Tech Homes Head Office and Display Centre in Bringelly, NSW

Address 1355 The Northern Road, Bringelly NSW 2556, Australia
Postal Address PO Box 56, Bringelly NSW 2556, Australia
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