Wattle Homes

Wattle Homes' modular homes are designed, built and assembled using fabricated steel structures and details which are purpose precisely designed to seamlessly and perfectly integrate and assemble together to create whole uniform construction. Wattle Homes building frames are designed as durable welded steel structural frames which allows builders to create versatile, strong and non conventionally shaped constructions and various configurations. Due to this Wattle Homes can be craned and after placed onto any site, extremely tight locations or difficult landscape (even if crane work over existing homes needed) which is not usually possible with other most common conventional modular / transportable homes. Wattle Homes steel frame design and smart construction also allows the units to be stacked on one another like LEGO modules to create multistorey constructions / structures; this allows to reduce the overall footprint of the modular home.

Wattle Homes' modular home is an engineered large scale product designed and assembled for simple installation, ease of transport, functionality and affordability without compromising preferable style or construction quality. Wattle Homes' modular homes are designed entirely with Hebel paneling and structural steel. Hebel paneling has been used on all external walls and floors to ensure higher fire resistance and a high level of sound and thermal insulation.

Wattle Homes' modular homes are assembled complete and after delivering they are ready to move in. This is achievable because Wattle Homes builds all their homes to completion within their Adelaide factory. Before Wattle Homes releases any prefab modular home or structure, and at all stages of prefab construction, Wattle Homes has a continuous building inspection and expert sign-off process. And finally before Wattle Homes delivers client's home, homeowner can walk through all interior spaces in Wattle Homes factory to ensure that a client is totally satisfied.

Wattle Homes finish options and architectural designs are unlimited. Every architectural design and fitout is individual and unique to the needs of homeowners; incorporating the individual landscape of client's site, budget and project requirements. Installation and construction of a Wattle Homes' modular home can be completed within 4 month of placing an order and all Wattle Homes are manufactured to completion prior to leaving the prefab factory, therefore this eliminates all on-site work other than minimal footings or terminations to mains supply.

Address 77 South Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia 5000, Australia
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