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Office in Beenleigh, QLD

Since 2000 Ezy Homes has been supplying and erecting pre-engineered steel frame pole homes.

Ezy Homes specialise in the architectural design and supply of pre-engineered steel frame pole homes, that can suit a very wide range of various building sites and locations. Their unique steel frame construction system is the smart application of proved industrial construction systems and techniques to a range of residential projects.

Ezy Homes structural steel frame – roof structure, floor structure and columns, forms the basic structure / steel frame from which a prefab house can be easily constructed using standard industry construction techniques, which unclude usually non loadbearing prefab timber framed panels for walls.

All of the prefab steel and timber frame components are pre-engineered, drilled and factory cut – so that user can simply bolts all the details together on-site. Ezy Homes offers their pre-engineered steel frame pole homes in a form of a kit, which is easily can be erected on-site by the tradesman or home handyman alike. Optionally, Ezy Homes has a national network of professional builders who can do parts of the work – or all of the needed construction work.

From Ezy Homes deep consultative process, the company individually drafts client's pre-engineered steel frame pole home plans. Ezy Homes drafts and re-drafts customer's plans until they are 100% happy (Ezy Homes doesn’t charge extra money for re-draft work). Plans are submitted to client's local council then, once architectural plans are approved by local council, a surveyor marks the concrete pier footing locations directly on-site. The concrete footings are dug and after poured just in a single day. After this the footing heights (RL’s) are precisely recorded and then provided to company's engineers. Ezy Homes then does computer design and custom manufacture all the steel and timber building components and details to suit the unique levels of client's site – so that everything can be simply bolt together without delays on-site. Usually steel frame components and details are delivered to site after concrete footings are poured in 3-4 weeks.

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Office in Beenleigh, QLD

Address 54 York St, Beenleigh, QLD 4207, Australia
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